Greeny Megawatt is Rand's winning entry to the Viridian Green Reddy Kilowatt Makeover Contest. All ol' Reddy needed was a simple color change, a new modern, energy-saving nose, some bulking up in the thorax, and a change from his boring old legs and feet (whether bootie or running shoe clad) to swift energy bolts. Solar panel and windmill props, along with a little infinity symbol, help signify the new, renewable Greeny! (Both flat and gradient versions provided.)

Randolph Hoppe has a number of pieces on our site, Castle Point being his favorite complete piece, ¡Save the Princess! his favorite work-in-progress, and Beast being the most recent posting.

He hopes you enjoy the Greeny Megawatt contest entry and will take a moment to let him know what you think by sending him a private e-mail at

Smoke by Roda Good Guy and Easter Boy by Stephen Destefano

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