Story Excerpts
Bix by Gerard Jones & Mark Badger
Bix Saves The Sun!
by Gerard Jones & Mark Badger
Our favorite Trumpet Playing Dog versus the Mad Fiend!
Save The Princess by Randy Hoppe
íSave The Princess!
by Randolph Hoppe
Vel joins his robot pal Spats' mission to find Princess Elaine.

Cut & Paste
by Mark Badger & Scott Lobdell
by Randolph Hoppe
A Jack Kirby/Chic Stone X-men drawing looped for your pleasure.
Ken Karma
by Roda & Randolph Hoppe
Coming Soon!
Original Syn
by Mark Badger & Scott Lobdell
Coming Soon!

Lemon Custard #1 Poster
by Mark Badger
Bubbling up from a cauldron of lemony goodness.
Greeny Megawatt
by Randolph Hoppe
A Viridian parody/update of Reddy Kilowatt
Sammy Swirl
by Mark Badger & Gerard Jones
America's Foremost Dancing Skeleton!
The Dancing Dead
by Mark Badger & Gerard Jones
Sammy & Delores


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