America's Foremost Dancing Skeleton!

Ever since he first wowed café society with his "Mambones" specialty on the luxurious Ile de France ocean liner, Sammy has set standards for elegance on the dance floor and bonhomie in the taverns of Manhattan. Everyone knows that his "rattlin' rhythm" has shared the stage with the world's finest musicians, including Duke Ellington, Xavier Cugat, the Eddy Duchin Orchestra, Orpheus Black, Bix the Trumpet Playing Dog, the Glenn Miller "ghost" band and, of course, the Grateful Dead. But few know that Sammy also uses the hypnotic power of his dance moves to make others see him however he wishes to be seen...or not see him at all! With a secret network of agents scattered throughout New York from the pinnacles of power to the darkest crannies of the waterfront, Sammy roots out the chilling secrets and ugly crimes of the "beautiful people." Is he the remains of Grantland "Pinky" Asquith, sad scion of Knickerbocker high society who killed himself over a poker debt? Or of the Great Petrov, the Russian ballet star with revolutionary sympathies reputedly poisoned by Rasputin? Or of Hercule LaFitte, the legendary "Duc Dansant" of 18th Century France who danced himself to death at Versailles for the love of a Gypsy princess? Or is it all just a masterful hoax? Only the dead know for sure!

Mark Badger and Gerard Jones have two other "Trading Cards" - The Dancin' Dead! and Beware The Haunted Man! on our site.

We hope you enjoy the Sammy Swirl trading card and will take a moment to let know what you think by sending them private e-mails at or


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