They're SAMMY & DELORES - The Dancin' Dead!

When long-time solo star Sammy Swirl finally took a partner, all Broadway turned out to watch her unveiling. The gasps were audible when the Sultan of Smooth swirled on stage with the fiery Latin Delores, Mistress of the Malagueña...but since then the duo has taken the world by storm! Fans say, "He gives her class and she gives him sex appeal." (Though vulgar wags say all he ever gave her was "the bone"!) What only Sammy's network of secret agents knows, however, is that Delores has taught him far more than the Norteña and the Bamba. Resurrected from an Indian graveyard in Chiapas by a Mayan bruja, the skeleton woman known variously as Delores, Dolores, Soledad and Clara Calavera danced at the inauguration of Benito Juarez and on the grave of Porfirio Diaz, appeared as a vision to Zapatista soldiers in the Mexican Revolution and posed for Diego Rivera, and was rumored to be the lover of cartoonist J. G. Posada. Delores has taught Sammy that there are other crimes to avenge than murder and blackmail, and that the political and economic depradations of the rich and powerful must sometimes be checked by violence! Delores uses her power to inspire both terror and desire in the aid of revolutionary causes around the world, with the often reluctant support of her breezy consort!

Mark Badger and Gerard Jones have two other "Trading Cards" - Beware The Haunted Man! and Sammy Swirl! on our site.

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