Beware The Haunted Man!


His Vengeance Never Sleeps!

When Ezekiel ben Yehudi's lawyer parents were killed in a fire set by vindictive criminals--the same fire that melted young Ezekiel's face--he blamed himself for failing to save them. Running from identity to identity in vain desperation to escape the pain, he developed a new system of ultraplastic disguise while still in his teens and became the Master of the Artificial Self. Next he sought peace in Asian mysticism, mastering kendo, the Japanese art of stick-fighting. But not until he unexpectedly tackled a fugitive criminal did he find a momentary respite from the agony in his soul. Now the hunting of scofflaws is his single obsession, and so feverish is it that he's incapable of sleep or rest. His only distractions are his hobbies: tattooing, self-mutilation, ritual scarification, and music (industrial rock, classical Japanese koto and Plains Indian sundance chants). He lives a myriad roles in service of his crimefighting: tattoo artist, bartender, male model, prominent movie actress, 13 year old girl with a drinking problem, avant garde transgender black poet, reputed Israeli spy, octogenerian professor of Oriental Studies. His only friend is the Human Ideal, who sees in him the tragic embodiment of our "World of Shadows." (Unfortunately, the Ideal insists on bringing him to social functions, where the Haunted Man is dreaded as a neurotic drag.)

In 2000, Haunted Man appeared in a webcomic on Dark Horse Comics' website, and had one issue of a print comic published by Dark Horse, too. Now, in 2001, he has his own domain,

Mark Badger and Gerard Jones have two other "Trading Cards" - The Dancin' Dead! and Sammy Swirl! on our site.

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